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University of Duisburg and Essen, Aquatic Ecosystems Research Group, Universitätsstr. 5, D-45141 Essen, Germany

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    Freshwater & Biodiversity

    In the context of the GeneStream project we studied biodiversity on all levels.

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    Species Diversity

    We assessed species diversity in pristine and impaired freshwater ecosystems with traditional and novel DNA-based methods

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    Gene flow in impaired rivers

    Human activity has degraded most river ecosystems. We analyze the consequences of these alternations on gene flow and genetic diversity.

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    Biodiversity and Function

    We do not only assess not biodiversity in terms of taxonomy but also ecological functions. We assess the link between both parameters in the GeneStream project

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    Breitenbach Ecosystem

    Several of our studies have been performed at the Breitenbach, one of the world's best studied stream ecosystem

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    In one subproject we assessed how quickly species and genetic diversity is restored after stream rehabilitation programs

Biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems: From genes to ecosystems [see for new site]

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