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Labwork started!

In the past week we started to process samples for the metabarcoding analysis. By combining classical CO1 barcoding to identify specimens with high throughput next generation sequencing, we will be able to identify hundreds to thousands of invertebrate specimens simultaneously.

Implementing this novel technique for freshwater invertebrates will be useful to study the response of the organisms collected in our mesocosm experiments, as it will enble us to identity specimens at species level which is impossible based on larval morphology.


Picture 1: The specimens from a text sample are being carefully photographed and measured.


Picture 2: The specimens used in a test extraction.


Picture 3: The tissue gets crushed in a mortar.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 19.01.14

Picture 4: By using liquid nitrogen all samples are grinned to a fine powder, and the DNA on all organisms is mixed.

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