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New publication: RAD-seq

A new publication of the GeneStream Team has appeared in a special issue of “The Biological Bulletin” entitled “Discovering Diversity with High-Throughput Approaches”. First author Hannah Schweyen and last author Florian Leese are part of the GeneStream Team. The publication is part of a collaboration with Andrey Rozenberg, also from the Department of Animal Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity.

In the publication we describe a new method to identify PCR duplicates in ddRAD sequencing (a modern high-throughput sequencing application for genome-wide polymorphism screens). This is achieved by a small additional fragment, which is included in the sequencing adapter. This fragment consists of highly variable base sequence. After successful identification of PCR clones, down stream data analysis is less influenced by artefacts resulting from the lab procedure.

Schweyen, H., Rozenberg, A. & Leese, F. (2014). Detection and Removal of PCR Duplicates in Population Genomic ddRAD Studies by Addition of a Degenerate Base Region (DBR) in Sequencing Adapters. The Biological Bulletin227, 146-160. CLICK TO ACCESS


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