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6th iBOL Conference

Arne Beerman and Vasco Elbrecht have presented new research from the GeneStream project on the 6th International Barcode of Life Conference in Guelph (Canada). Arne Beermann compared morphological identifications and DNA barcoding of marcoinvertebrates and provided an overview of the state of DNA reference databases. Vasco Elbrecht presented new metabarcoding protocols, and stressed the issue that primer bias prevents the estimation of taxa abundance in PCR-based approaches (PLOS ONE paper). Additionally, we presented our new primer design software PrimerMiner in the form of a scientific poster (R package, GitHub).

We would like to thank all the colleagues, friends and conference organisers for this excellent and exciting barcoding conference. We are looking forward to South Africa in 2 years.

We also greatly acknowledge iBOL for a Travel Award to Arne and also RUB Research School for financing Vasco’s stay.


Picture: Vasco Elbrecht is presenting results from our PLOS ONE matabarcoding study.

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