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New publication: RAD-seq

A new publication of the GeneStream Team has appeared in a special issue of “The Biological Bulletin” entitled “Discovering Diversity with High-Throughput Approaches”. First author Hannah Schweyen and last author Florian Leese are part of the GeneStream Team. The publication is part of a collaboration with Andrey Rozenberg, also from the Department of Animal Ecology, […]

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Akademientag 2014


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Sampling Sauerland

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IFWW price awarded

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Vasco Elbrecht has been awarded the Price of the Institute for the Advancement of Waterquality and Management (IFWW). His Master’s thesis about the genetic diversity and connectivity of the stonefly Dinocras cephalotes has been evaluated by a jury in a highly competitive two-step process. The award includes a prize money of 1500 €. Congratulations! The results have […]

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Our Team is growing

This week, Lisa Poettker and Basel Shaaban have joined the GeneStream Team. Welcome! Both will work in the population genomic subproject. Together with Hannah, Martina and Florian, Basel will develop population genetic null models of gene flow in fragmented stream ecosystems with simulation approaches. Lisa will process samples of stream invertebrates for the RAD-sequencing.

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